DFP Small Business Basic Guide


This guide is a very basic guide to help you get started on using Google's DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business (DFP SB). This guide is not intended to explore the advanced features available in DFP. I set this guide out to give you a very basic understanding of how DFP SB works and how to set it up so that it runs on your website.

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In order to get DFP SB running on your site, there are three steps you need to do.

Step 1: Setting up DFP SB

In order to have DFP SB running on your site, you need to set it up so that DFP SB knows what ad space (aka real estate) you have available on your website.

Step 2: Tagging your Website

Like many Google services, you need to tag your webpage with the appropiate tags so that it can run correctly. DFP SB is no different. You will need to add Javascript to your webpage so that it can run and deliver ads.

Step 3: Creating your Ads

While step 1 and 2 you really only need to do once, step 3 is the main crux of your processing. This step creates the ads in DFP SB and sets them up so that they can be delivered your website.

Those are the overall steps you need to do in order to get DFP SB running.

Let's proceed shall we?

  1. Setting up DFP
  2. Tagging your Website
  3. Creating your Ads